Really?! Think you know me? Guess again!

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Contained in 1 compact 24 oz. Tumbler you will find
100 Question Cards with over 500 Fun Answers to guess and choose from
6 Colorful Number Dials
60 Play Ice Pieces to Keep Score
1 Instruction Sheet that is short & sweet
1 Handy Carrying Strap to take Really?! with you everywhere you go.

Be the first player to get your Ice Pieces back in the Tumbler, while laughing, connecting, and breaking the ice!

Empty the Tumbler and place the Really?!™ Q&A Cards face down in a pile.
Each player receives 1 colored number dial and 10 Ice Pieces.
The player with the closest birthday begins. (if you share a birthday check hour, minute, seconds ; )
Play proceeds to the left, clockwise.

  • 2
  • 3–6
  • 7+

Prove how well you know each other!

Randomly choose 20 Really?!™ Q&A Cards and follow the instructions as stated for 3-6 players.


Did you both manage to return all your Ice Pieces to the Tumbler before the Really?!™ Q&A Cards ran out? 
If so, you’re the winners, and the added bonus is that you know each other well! 

Do you have Ice Pieces left over and no cards left?
This time, the game wins, and the added bonus is that you know each other better than before!


Each player, on their turn, picks up a card from the pile and reads the question and answers out loud, including the number of each answer. After reading the card, place it facing up in the middle so that it is visible for all players to read.


  • The player who reads the card secretly chooses their most suitable answer, marking it on their number dial.
  • All other players try to guess the reader’s answer marking it on their personal number dial.
  • After choosing and guessing, each player places their dial facing down, hiding their answer from the rest of the players.

3 “REALLY?!”

The players reveal their guesses first, and only afterward, the reader reveals their chosen answer. Players who correctly guess the reader’s answer return one Ice Piece to the shared Tumbler. The reader returns as many Ice Pieces as the number of players who guessed the correct answer.

If 3 players correctly guess the reader’s answer, each one of the them returns a single Ice Piece to the tumbler, while the reader will return 3 Ice Pieces to the Tumbler. If no one guesses the reader’s chosen answer, no Ice Pieces are returned, and play continues clockwise.


Are you the first player to return all your Ice Pieces to the Tumbler?
If so, you win!

Do you have a large family or too many friends that want to play?
Not a problem, simply add number dials which can be purchased in accessories OR combine additional Really?! game sets and follow the instructions as stated for 3-6 players... OR improvise by writing your answers down and adding small random objects to act as ice.

Side Effects 😉

  • May cause spontaneous flashbacks after playing just one short game.
  • Some subjects reported peculiar and involuntary speech patterns that consisted of questions accompanied by several numbered answers for choosing.
  • If the exact answer you prefer is not listed; take this opportunity to be creative and choose the best answer for you in the moment from the list of answers.
  • The Really?!™ Ice Pieces are very pleasant to the touch; therefore, participants may tend to fidget with them incessantly. Please try not to get annoyed with them. They simply will not be able to stop—it’s quite addictive!

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