Really?! Think you know me? Guess again!

All of a Sudden, Everyone’s
Got Something to Say!

Strike up spontaneous conversation and laughter. Connecting with your friends & family has never been more fun!

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Really?! game cards

What’s your answer?

Will Your Family & Friends Guess Correctly?

If so, add Ice Pieces to the Really?! Tumbler.
When all your Ice Pieces are in –YOU WIN!

Ignite Fun Conversation & Melt the Ice

30 Mins

Ages 8+


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Mr Really?! character reading instructions

Quick Instructions

full game instructions

Mr Really?! character clapping

A new game & conversation every time you play!

"These days, recently, lately, right now..."
The Q&A Cards stay the same but players who answer them and the times change, making "Really?! Think you know me? Guess again!" an exciting ever-changing adventure with each game played.

family playing Really?! trying to guess a question
Really?! Game box
Mr Really?! character opening present

Meaningful Gift that
Keeps on Giving!

Great fun conversation game for video-calls & get togethers, birthdays, slumber party, dinner party, housewarming gift, holidays, staycations & vacations, family game night, or anywhere people can be found day or night.

Mr Really?! character blowing bubblegum

Really?! on the go...

Bring the fun with you everywhere you go and be surprised what you’ll learn about your friends, your family and even yourself.

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woman carrying Really?! game on her wrist


Really?!™ Q&A Cards

Surprising life questions with simple answers for choosing & guessing


To mark your answer

Ice Pieces

To keep score, because there's never a pen around when you need one

Instruction Sheet

It’s simple, short & sweet

Large Tumbler

To hold all the fun together

Carrying Wristlet

Really?!™ is ready 2GO

Really?! game components laid out
Mr Really?! character rwith magnifying glass


Yes. The game is categorized from the age of 8 because it contains text that should be read in order to play. When younger children join the game, you can read the Q&A Cards for them. Note that very young children may not understand some of the concepts or they may not have a cohesive opinion on some issues, but they will still have fun choosing and guessing.

The game does not require general knowledge it is based on questions and situations from life. While playing you will be surprised of the knowledge you will gain about the players and about yourself.

It is possible that in the same turn, a number of players will finish returning all their Ice Pieces to the Tumbler, in which case whoever was quick enough to return them first, will be the winner.

Nope, we have included a special timing mechanism inside the cards so that as time goes by you change and your answers change as you do.

We would love to hear about it. In the meantime, choose the answer closest to what suits you and you will be surprised as to what others guess as your answer.

All the answers are correct, guessing the correct answer for the players involved is all the fun.

The game is designed to have fun and connect people, if you don’t want to elaborate, that’s fine. If you guess the correct answer you still get to add ice to the Tumbler.

Yes. Combine additional games of Really?! for extra Ice & Number Dials or improvise by writing your answers down and adding small random objects to act as ice.

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We REALLY appreciate it.

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