Tongue-Twisting Educational Card Games for Kids 8-12, Teens, and Adults!

Laugh while you learn trying to say fun tongue twisters!

Triple Tongue Twisters

Hilariously educational card games for kids and adults. Add Triple Tongue Twisters to your family party games collection and enjoy playing these card games for families. Fun speech therapy games – Educational games make for perfect gifts for girls and boys of all ages. Great for homeschool and school teachers love them too.


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Award-Winning Card Game

Play this award-winning card game and laugh while you learn.

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Approved

Perfects pronunciation, enunciation, accent, memory and more.

What's Inside

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Triple Tongue Twisters

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

The Triple Tongue Twisters card game is designed for players aged 8 to 120. Younger children can join in on the fun as well by reading the tongue twisters out loud for them. It’s fun for children and adults alike!

Absolutely! This game is a fun and engaging way for non-native English speakers to practice pronunciation and learn new words.

The Triple Tongue Twister card game features a range of tongue twisters, from easier ones for beginners to a little more challenging for advanced players. This ensures that everyone will find a level that suits them. If you are up for a greater tongue-twisting challenge check out Tricky Tetra Tongue Twisters with 4-word tongue twister phrases that are sure to have your tongue in knots in no time.

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